Cloud Flare Settings

Cloud Flare Settings

If you use Cloud Flare for your websites, please ensure that the WordPress API is not cached and also that Slynk is allowed through the Web Application Firewall (WAF).

WAF Rules

We recommend adding a custom rule to your WAF in Cloud Flare to allow requests with the Slynk User Agent through. Set this up on Cloud Flare as shown below:

Caching Rules

We also recommend setting up a caching rule so that the WordPress API calls are not cached as follows:

Move this new rule to the top of the list of rules so that it can be checked first. If this is not done and other rules are set to block the requests, then this rule will never get executed.

Bot Fight Mode

On the free cloudflare plan, the Bot Fight mode overrides any of the custom rules created above. To be able to customise the Bot Fight Mode, a paid plan is required on CloudFlare. Therefore if you are on the free plan, please disable Bot Fight Mode after making the changes above otherwise they will have no effect.

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