Converting simple products to variable products

Converting simple products to variable products

For this article, we will use a t-shirt as an example product. The t-shirt comes in 3 sizes, small/medium/large.

We already have 3 products setup on WooCommerce as simple products, one for each size. Before creating a variable product and deleting out the simple products, we recommend these steps:

  1. Check our product linker to see if these products are linked
    1. If they are linked, then unlink them and click on save
  2. Create a top level variable product
    1. It is better if you set this as a variable product before saving it for the first time
  3. Add the variations
    1. Make sure you set the SKU to match the SKU/Barcode of the matching EposNow product so that duplicates are not created. Set this before saving the variation/product
  4. Our system will detect that the product already exists on EposNow and will link it together and then update the stock level from EposNow to Woo
  5. Delete the old simple products
    1. As these are no longer linked, we will take no further action
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