Customer sync introduction

Customer sync introduction

Our integration can sync customer data between WooCommerce and EposNow. This is triggered when a customer places an order on WooCommerce.
The flow is as follows:
  1. Order is placed on Woo
  2. Woo sends the order to Slynk
  3. Slynk checks to see if the order is from a Woo customer who has created an account on Woo, or if it is a guest order
    1. If it is a guest order, then the order is synced against the default WooCommerce customer in EposNow
  4. If the customer has an account on Woo, we check to see if there is an existing link for this customer. This can be seen in our customer linker.
    1. If we have a link already, the order is synced against the linked customer in EposNow
    2. If we do not have a link, then we search the customers on EposNow to see if a customer with the same email address exists
      1. If we do not find any customers with the same email:
        1. A new customer is created on EposNow and linked
        2. The order syncs against this new customer
      2. If we find 1 matching customer:
        1. The customer is linked
        2. The order syncs against this existing customer
      3. If we find more than 1 matching customer:
        1. You will receive an email to let you know you need to select which customer should be linked
        2. After the customer is linked, the order will sync through against the linked customer

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