How to auto print web orders in-store

How to auto print web orders in-store

You can have your WooCommerce orders printing out in-store automatically using a combination of our integration and the EposNow Online Order Printing feature.

Here is the sequence showing how this works:
  1. Order received on your website
  2. Your website send us a webhook with the order details
    1. It is important to make sure the WordPress cron is configured correctly for this to work reliably.
  3. We process the order and create a transaction on EposNow
  4. We send the print command to EposNow as soon as the order is created successfully
  5. The EposNow Online Order Printing picks up this command and prints out the order on your order printer

Good to know

  1. Your order printer must be connected via Ethernet. It will not work if it is connected via USB.
  2. The online order printing must be setup on your till,
    1. EposNow support can help with this or you can use the guides from EposNow attached at the bottom of this article
  3. EposNow will determine which printer to send the items to based on the order printer setting for the product category

    1. In the example above:
      1. any products in the Drinks category are set to print out at the printers set as BAR printers
      2. any products in the Appetisers category are set to print out at the printers set as KITCHEN printers

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