Linking categories

Linking categories

You can link WooCommerce categories to EposNow categories using our category linker.

To link the categories, first refresh the categories from EposNow and WooCommerce using the blue refresh icons.

Once the categories have loaded:
  1. Select a category on the EposNow side. The row will be highlighted.
  2. Click on the link button for the relevant category on the WooCommerce side
  3. Once the linking is done, click on the save button and the rows should go green showing that they are linked
  4. All future product syncs will use this category link to set the category in EposNow.

How we determine the category to use

  1. We check if the master category is set on WooCommerce
    1. This can be found on the product edit page in WooCommerce under the EposNow (Slynk) tab

  1. If the master category is set, we will check to see if there is a mapping for that category in our category linker
    1. If we find a link, we will sync the product to the mapped category in EposNow
    2. If there is no link, we will sync this product to the default WooCommerce category on EposNow
  2. If the master category is NOT set, then we check which WooCommerce category is set for the product
    1. If there is only one category set and we find a link, we will sync the product to the linked category in EposNow
    2. If there is more than one category set, then we will sync this product to the default WooCommerce category on EposNow

Flow Chart

The flow chart below shows how it all works:

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