Request a full stock sync

Request a full stock sync

Sometimes, it is useful to do a force sync for the stock for all linked products. You should not need to do this regularly as our integration is events based and as soon as a stock level changes on EposNow, we update it on WooCommerce within minutes.

One scenario where is this is useful is if you have products that are already linked, but manage stock was not ticked for some products on WooCommerce. This means that even though we try to update the stock levels on Woo, Woo will refuse to update them as it thinks it is not managing stock for that product. More details on that here.

To request a full stock sync, login to your Slynk account, open your app, and select Utilities from the navigation menu.

Click on the button to Request Full Stock Sync and this will queue up a full stock sync for your account. Note that this may take some time to run as we need to fetch the stock for all products from all locations on EposNow and then update this onto WooCommerce.

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