Syncing WooCommerce orders to EposNow accounting integrations

Syncing WooCommerce orders to EposNow accounting integrations

Epos Now have several accounting integrations on their app store and a lot of them trigger when a Till is ‘closed’.

In order to ensure transactions created via the Epos Now API (our integration uses the Epos Now API) also sync to the accounting transactions, the API device also needs to be ‘closed’. To do this, it is best to set your most used Till as a primary device on Epos Now. Once this is done, Epos Now will automatically close the API devices at the same time that the primary device is closed.

To do this, open your Epos Now back office and go to Setup > Company Details > Primary Device and select your Till from the dropdown list and save. Once that is done, you should see your API transactions going through to the accounting packages.

If you still don’t see your transactions in the accounting packages, check with the accounting integration provider. Most of the time, this happens when tax rates are not mapped between Epos Now and the accounting package so that is where I would recommend you check first.

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