Trace stock changes in the EposNow back office

Trace stock changes in the EposNow back office

This is useful when we need to trace how a stock level has changed over time in EposNow and also why the stock changed.


  1. Reporting > Stock > Stock Changes
Select the location from the dropdown and also enter the product that we are looking for. Set the date range that we are looking for.

From the results table, we can see:

  1. Current stock: this is the stock level currently in EposNow
  2. Start date stock: The stock level at the start of the date range we entered in the filter
  3. Sold: The total quantity sold in the date range
  4. Stock take: The quantity changed by recording a stock take in EposNow
  5. End date stock: The stock level at the end of the date range we entered in the filter

Look through the date range to see when the stock change happened, and then narrow down to a specific day to see when the stock change we are looking for happened.

You can then use the other reports in EposNow to check for stock takes, sales on a specific day for the product etc to identify exactly how this stock change happened.
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