WooCommerce payment gateways

WooCommerce payment gateways

Our EposNow WooCommerce integration syncs orders from Woo to EposNow once the order has been created on WooCommerce. We can select which order statuses should sync, and by default these are the processing and completed statuses as these are the statuses set once payment has been completed. We can add other order statuses to the list of valid statuses as needed.

We do not provide any payment gateway services and you are free to use whichever payment gateway you choose on your WooCommerce website.
WooCommerce have a list of compatible payment providers on their website on this link. This is not an exhaustive list and some payment providers have their own plugins for WooCommerce that are not listed on the WooCommerce website, so it is best to check with the payment providers directly if you can't seem them in the list on the WooCommerce website.

Some clients prefer to use the same payment provider for both EposNow and WooCommerce and if you would like to do this, we recommend speaking to your EposNow payments provider to see if they have a payment gateway for WooCommerce too. If they do, your web developers should be able to set this up for you.

As long as the orders get created on WooCommerce after being paid for with whichever payment gateway you choose, our integration will be able to pick these up and sync them to EposNow
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