How to enable stock management on WooCommerce

How to enable stock management on WooCommerce

In order for Slynk to be able to set the stock levels on WooCommerce, stock management has to be enabled on WooCommerce. If it is not enabled, when we try to update the stock level on WooCommerce, it will not accept the stock update. In this article, we will show you how to enable stock management on WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Stock Setting

You first have to enable the stock management in the WooCommerce settings
WP Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory

Make sure enable stock management is ticked. If it is already ticked then that's great and you can proceed to the next steps below.

Enable Stock Management on Products

In order for WooCommerce to accept stock updates and show products in/out of stock, stock management must also be enabled at a product level.

This will initially set the stock level for this product to zero and show it as out of stock. Don’t worry, if the products are linked, then we will be able to update this stock level with the EposNow stock level. We recommend that after you are done updating the 'manage stock' checkboxes, request a full stock sync on our platform to get the stock in sync for all these products.

Simple Products

For simple products, you do this at the top level product
Open product for editing > Product Data section > Inventory:

Tick the Enable stock management at product level checkbox.

Variable Products

For variable products, you only do this at the variation level, do not enable it on the top level product:
Open product for editing > Product Data section > Inventory > Variations > Open Variation:

Tick the Enable stock management checkbox at the variation level.

PRO TIP: You can toggle the manage stock checkbox for all variations in the product by clicking on the add variation dropdown and selecting the toggle manage stock option from the list.

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